From the academic session 2007-2008 the college attained Autonomous status and semester pattern of examination has been introduced from that year.In each year the students have to appear two examination.

Internal Assetment Examination

The IAE shall be conducted for each theory paper prescribed for the course.Each paper in this examination shall carry 20% weightage of the maximum marks of the corresponding paper.

A student eho fails appear in a paper in IAE shall be deemed to have secured zero in that paper.There shall be no back paper in Internal Essetment Examination. However,for a student who remains absent on genuine and valid reason, a repeat -IAE shall be conducted with the prior permission of the principal. In the case a student forefeits her claim for distinction. Though IAE is conducted by Examination Section the Controller of Examination supplies programmes, question papers and answer booklets.

Semester & Examination

At the end of each semester the students shall appear at the semester shall appear at the semester and examination which carries 80% weightage of the total marks.

For filling up forms a candidate requires an aggregrate attendance of 75% or more. Falling short of 75% attendance can be conducted if a student represents the college/university/cultural/N.C.C or any other event. Further appeal on health or other serious grounds duly recommended by the HOD can be considered. In the above case authentic certificate from appropriate authorities must be produced.

Back Paper Examination

If a student can not pass a particular semester examination, then she can appear at the said examination for a maximum two subsequent chances, by paying the prescribed fee. A candidate sitting for Back Paper shall forfeit her claim for distinction.

Improvement Examination

A student securing less than 60% of marks in Honours subject only can appear for improvement examination only once. The marks secured by the candidate in Honours papers in improvement examination shall replace the previous marks provided the mark is higher. A candidate appearing for improvement examination is entitled for the award of distinction.

Regulation regarding filling up forms

The candidatesare required to fill up forms (with/without fine) for each semester before commencement of IAE Examination. However, cases of candidates who fail to fillup forms on due dates, can be considered provided the candidates concerned deposit a special fine one week before the semester and examination.

Complaints on question paper

If the examines desire to represent on any question paper that includes out of syllabus question,can do so collectively by indicating the discrepancies on the question paper dully certified by the concerned HOD within three days of the completion of the theory paper to the controller of examination.