Examination Conduct Rules

1. The candidates should bring their identity cards and admit cards to the examination hall positively. any person found impersonating in the examination hall will be deal with under the provision of cr. p.c.

2. No. candidates shall leave the examination hall before the expiry of one hour after the commencement of the examination. temporary absence from the hall for more than 5 minutes is a violation of examination rules and discipline. such candidate will be punished as the principal deems it proper.

3. Candidates should not create any noise or disturbance in the hall or misbehave with the invigilators. such cases will be seriously viewed and it may amount to summarily explusion from examination.

4. The candidates should not have any material other than pen,pencil or instrument box. those in possession of incriminating materials will be booked under the odissa conduct of examination act 88. such students are liable for explusion for that paper only. the rule is applicable for all examination.

5. under no circumstance an examinee reporting to the examination hall after 30- minutes of the commencement of the examination will be allowed to sit at the examination.

6. Infringement of the above rules or misbehaviour will render a candidate liable to explusion from examination hall or such other punishment as the principal may deem it proper.


1. A student is required to attend to atleast 75% of the general Associatative Professors and 75% of the practical classes to appear in the college/ CHSE/ University examinations.

2. condonation of the attendance between 60% & 75% may be granted in exceptional cases.

3. further condonation of the attendance to the extent of 5% may be granted by the syndicate when the candidate represents the university or state when the candidate represents the university or state on deputation for specific purpose eg. any inter university or national camp, competition, games or sports to be recorded in writing.

4. application for condonation of shortage of attendance on medical grounds will not be considered for the period, if the name of the student has been struck off from the college rolls for any reason.